Aerial view of The Pavilion at The Park, School Road, Frampton Cotterell. Building outlined in light blue, with a wider red boundary extending several meters from the building. Bright LED illuminated text that reads: 'Frampton Cotterell Parish Council. Lighting Upgrades Planned at The Pavilion.

Lighting Upgrades Planned for the Pavilion at The Park, School Road

Between the 27th to the 29th of September, Frampton Cotterell Parish Council will be installing new lighting at the Pavilion at The Park, School Road.

The newly installed lights will have a downward-facing design to minimise light pollution.  To align with our climate & nature aims, the lights will be energy-efficient LEDs.

The lights will be shut off at 11pm each night.

We hope that this new lighting will enhance safety by helping people to safely navigate to their cars in the dark and to help prevent potential accidents and injury caused by low lighting. This lighting should also aid in reducing anti-social behaviour and increasing personal safety for users of the Pavilion.

We look forward to this improvement contributing to a safer and more secure environment for our community.