Before and after photos showcasing the old and new fencing at The Park, labeled 'Before' and 'After.' The 'Before' photo displays a dilapidated fence collapsing in the middle. The 'After' photo showcases a tidy, tall, green, metal fence. Accompanying text on the left reads, 'Frampton Cotterell Parish Council: New Fences at The Park

New Fences at The Park, School Road

Our diligent Estates Officer has been hard at work improving the car park fences at The Park on School Road.

In our photo gallery, below, you can see that the old fences had seen better days and were due for an upgrade. The new, recently installed fences are taller, sturdier, and blend in with the surroundings more seamlessly!

We appreciate the work our Estates Officer put into this project – and we think it certainly paid off! The new fences look excellent; a real improvement to this community space.