The Parish Council provides 92 allotments – 44 at Mill Lane and 48 at Jubilee Allotments, Church Road.  If you live in the Parish and wish to apply for an allotment, please complete this allotment application form. Please note that there is a waiting list for allotments.

On allocation all allotments require a £100 deposit which is returned on the relinquishment of the allotment in good order, this means leaving it without anything that the Parish Council would have to pay to dispose of. Please view the allotment agreement for a full copy terms and conditions.

For more information on the Jubilee Allotments, please visit the Jubilee Allotment website. 

Mill Lane Allotments                                                                                      

The cost of yearly rental for an allotment at  Mill Lane is from £8.89 – £31.       

 Jubilee Allotments

The cost of yearly rental for an allotment at Jubilee allotments is £29.25