Scarecrow Trail 2019! Entry Now Open

Frampton Cotterell’s 5th Annual Scarecrow Trail will take place at October half term from 27th October to 2nd November with a prize giving for the best scarecrow on 2nd November at the Brockeridge Centre at 11.00 a.m. 

The theme this year is characters from the stories of Dick King Smith, the very well known writer of stories for children who lived on Woodlands Farm for many years.

He wrote lots of fun stories, many mentioning local spots such as Blackberry Brake.

Village Action will be organising a walk round all the entries, last year there were thirty, let’s hope for more this year!

Fill out and submit the entry form below to Sue Walters to take part (contact information at the bottom of the form). Alternatively, you can pick up and submit your form at the Brockeridge Centre on Woodend Road. Closing date for entries is 21st October 2019.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis and Lisenced Vehicles Proposal

Dear all Community Engagement Forum members,

South Gloucestershire Council’s Regulatory Committee have agreed to consult on a proposal to publish a list of all licensed vehicles.  In summary, the Committee wishes to provide users of the licensed taxi and private hire service in South Gloucestershire with as much information as they can to enable an informed decision on how best to travel.

The Council is also consulting on a specification for wheelchair accessible vehicles. Statutory guidance states that a vehicle should only be included in the authority’s list of wheelchair accessible vehicles if it would be possible for the user of a “reference wheelchair” to enter, leave and travel in the passenger compartment in safety and reasonable comfort whilst seated in their wheelchair. The definition of “reference wheelchair” is set out in detail in the specification.

This consultation will be open until 8th December 2019.  Your response or observations, in writing, should reach this Licensing Authority by no later than 23.59hrs on Sunday 8th December.

You can respond to this consultation in the following ways:


We look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards,

Corporate Consultation Team, South Gloucestershire Council

Debut of New Play Area at Beesmoor Road

The long awaited natural play area at Beesmoor Road is finally officially open for you and your family to enjoy.

Kate Colechin, Member of the Beesmoor Road Playing Field Management Committee, has said the following about the new equipment:

“The wait is over and the play area at Beesmoor Road Playing Fields is open! Children and families have been enjoying the new play area during the summer holidays. Our brief was to install a creative and imaginative space for children to play. The children’s ideas during the ‘Designing for Real’ workshop, facilitated by Touchwood back in 2016 have been developed to create the new play area that we have today. We have had significant grants from a number of organisations including Frampton Cotterell Parish Council have and we are very grateful for everyone’s support.

To finish the final phase the play area will close in the autumn 2019 so that the basket swing, slide from the tower structure and the wooden fence in between the playing field and the play area can be installed.

The very final item to be installed will be the willow tunnel (subject to grant funding). This will be installed as part of a community workshop in February 2020 (similar to the den frame workshops in July). Over 80 children and their families came to the den frame workshops at the start of the summer holidays and enjoyed helping to create part of their play area.

The new play area and playing fields are looked after by Beesmoor Road Playing Fields Management Committee, which is made up of local volunteers. We are always looking for people to join us so that we spread the workload, get things done a bit faster and achieve more. Please contact us to find out what’s involved:

Please don’t hesitate to comment below with your feedback about the new play area – we would love to hear from you!

Almshouse Vacancy

Almshouse Vacancy

A residence has become available within the Perry Almshouses on Dragon Road for anyone who is in need within the Fromeside Benefice (Parishes of Winterbourne, Winterbourne Down, Frampton Cotterell and Iron Acton).

The house is single occupancy and comprises of a lounge, small kitchen and bathroom, an upstairs bedroom with communal laundry and gardens.  The successful applicant will be required to pay a monthly maintenance contribution and must be able to live independently.

In accordance with the Trust Deed, applicants must be unable to afford a home of their own; should be 60 years old or over (or if younger, are unable to maintain themselves through ill-health accident or infirmity); if born within the Parish should have been resident there for not less than five years or if born elsewhere should have been resident for not less than 10 years prior to application; with preference being given to those who are actively involved in a Christian denomination.

For further information and/or an application form please phone 07968 317324.

The deadline for completed applications is midday on Thursday, 19th September 2019.

Den building at Beesmoor Road

The community have been busy helping to build the wooden den at the new play are on Beesmoor road.

Councillor Sue Walter’s said ” It’s been a great week and all the children that joined in had a super time. Many thanks to Nisa for refreshments and to Sainsbury’s Local for their hard working team yesterday. “

Take a look at the pictures below to see the great progress that was made!

Increase in nitrous oxide use

Laughing gas put me in a wheelchair

A young woman from Bristol has been left unable to walk after inhaling laughing gas.Doctors have told Olivia Golding the nitrous oxide has led to her spinal cord and nervous system being damaged.She's sharing this warning so others to take the dangers seriously.Read more:

Posted by ITV News West Country on Thursday, 16 August 2018

A Bristol woman has been left with nerve damage after taking nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas. Police have reported an increase in the use of laughing gas across Frampton Cotterell, particularly at The Park. Please be vigilant and report to 101 if you see anybody using. You can read more about the story by following the link below.

SGC Waste and Resource Strategy 2020 – have your say!

Resource and Waste Strategy 2020 – draft


South Gloucestershire Council are planning to take vital steps in reducing waste and improving recycling in 2020. You can read their draft Waste Strategy Report here.

They would love to hear your views on waste and resources and would greatly appreciate your input. If you could spare a few minutes, please fill out this online questionnaire to voice your ideas on what is most important in relation to local resources and waste management.