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Stay Home Stay Safe campaign. More information from the campaign website.

Covid-19 Updates and Information

You will all no doubt be very aware of the current situation relating to the COVID-19 outbreak and the steps we all need to take to reduce the spread of the virus, including social distancing, staying at home and washing your hands. As the situation is changing so rapidly, it is advised that you visit and the NHS website for updates.

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council’s Response

The parish council have taken a series of precautions in a bid to further reduce risk across Frampton Cotterell:

  1. Parish council play areas have been closed and padlocked where possible including The Park skate ramp & play area, Brockeridge park and Ridings Road. If you see people accessing the closed play areas, please report to the police on the Avon & Somerset Police Website.
  2. The Brockeridge Centre on Woodend Road and the Pavilion at The Park have been closed until further notice. Anyone who has made a booking has been contacted.
  3. Council meetings have been suspended until further notice.
  4. As per government guidelines, upcoming parish council events have been cancelled. This includes VE day celebrations that were to be held in May.
  5. Open spaces, including The Park Playing Fields, allotments and the Centenary Field remain open to allow you to get some fresh air. However, it is advised to stick to government guidelines for social distancing and restricting your outdoor exercise to once per day.
  6. Youth clubs have been cancelled until further notice.
  7. The parish council have set up an emergency resilience fund to support residents during the COVID-19 pandemic (see more below).

Emergency Resilience Funding

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council have set aside an emergency fund of up to £10,000 to help the community through the COVID-19 outbreak. The community fund application process is currently being established and will soon be available for applicants. Please follow us on Facebook and check this website for updates.

Frampton Cotterell and Coalpit Heath: Covid-19 Community Support

A group of District & Parish Councillors, residents, and voluntary workers have come together to set up the Frampton Cotterell / Coalpit Heath COVID-19 Community Support group.

The aim of the group is to provide community-based support to residents in need in the Parishes of Frampton Cotterell and Coalpit Heath.

They may be able to support with:
-Phone conversations for company
-General essential tasks.

The group already has in excess of 200 volunteers ready to support anyone in need.You may have already received a leaflet through your letter box with details of how to contact their local volunteer should you require support.

You can find more about the group on Facebook at Frampton Cotterell and Coalpit Heath: Covid-19 Community Support. Alternatively you can contact the community group by email on

Avon & Somerset Police

We have been given the information below from Avon & Somerset Police:

The police have stopped all Beat Surgeries and external forums, we are still conducting hi-visibility patrols, we have reduced the number of stations we have open and would encourage members of the public to contact us by email when it isn’t urgent. There is obviously a demand on us for clarity around certain things being implemented and again would encourage people to refer to the Government websites and NHS websites rather than us.

For the most up-to-date information please refer to the Avon & Somerset Police website

Further Sources of Information


The allotments at Jubillee and Mill Lane remain open as per guidelines from the National Allotment Association. Please stick to government social distancing guidelines when visiting your allotment and remain at least 2 meters apart from others, cleaning gates after use and do not wash your hands in allotment water troughs.

South Gloucestershire Council

Visit the South Gloucestershire Council Website and Facebook page for changes to services.

Local Businesses

Many local businesses face a difficult time ahead with uncertain futures. Many businesses have been modified to adapt to the current situation. We recommend you check with your local eatery/businesses to see if they are offering take away or alternative services. If you wish for your business services to be listed on this page, please contact us on

For business support during this time, please visit the Government Business Support website.

Community groups

Frampton Cotterell is lucky to have a very proactive community. To keep up to date with local information and potential activities that fit in with COVID-19 guidelines, follow the new COVID-19 Community Response Group, Village Action and Frampton Community Projects on Facebook.

The Countryside Alliance

The Countryside Alliance has created a hub for COVID-19 information and has sections dedicated to communities. Visit the Countryside Alliance Website for further information.

Cyber security

There have been reports of an increase in cyber crime amidst the CORVID-19 outbreak. Check out the cyber security quick tips PDF for ideas to prevent becoming a victim of cyber crime.

Citezens Advice

For up to date information on the COVID-19 situation and what it means for you, visit the Citezens Advice website

You can also contact the Citizens Advice national helpline: 03444-111444


With such a strange situation and major changes to peoples lives, many of you may be facing difficult times. Please visit the Samaritans website for help and support:

You can also call direct on the Samaritans national helpline: 116 123 (day or night, 365 days per year)

Local History – Barber-less Village

Frampton Cotterell and District Local History Society have sent in a light hearted piece of history to brighten your day in these uncertain times.

An excerpt from the Western Daily Press from the 4th Sept 1945, spoke of the troubles of life without a barber shop in Coalpit Heath. The article read:

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council in the interest of the residents of the Coalpit Heath side of the parish are asking for the demobilisation of their barber. Ever since he had to join the forces four years ago his shop, the only one in the village, has been closed, and the 1,500 villagers have had to do the best they could. Many, whose wives are not adept with either scissors or clippers, have had to travel four miles for a haircut.”

Photograph of the Barberless Village article.

Getting Batty at Centenary Field

Emily from Bristol Bat Rescue giving a presentation all about bats!

On 19/02/2020, Frampton Cotterell Parish Council had 6 bat boxes installed at the Centenary Field. The bat boxes were handmade by the Frampton Cotterell community at a Bat Box making workshop that took place last summer. The bat box making event was organised by Village Action and many of the boxes were kindly donated to the Parish Council. Whilst these boxes were being installed, Bristol Bat Rescue gave a talk all about bats and about their rescue charity. Bristol Bat Rescue talked about all the different species of bats that may be present locally and how the bat boxes will help support them. Over 20 people braved the rainy British weather to see the boxes being installed in the trees and to learn lots of interesting facts about bats.

Emily Wilson (who ran the session pictured above) from Bristol Bat Rescue reflected and said “opportunities like this are crucial for inspiring the new generation and securing the future of bats.”

Local resident, Luka, with a bat box he made during the bat box making session in 2019.
Two out of six of the bat boxes installed at the Centenary Field.

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council recently had a wildlife survey done on the Centenary Field and will soon be implementing a new biodiversity management plan to help the local flora and fauna flourish. The six handmade bat boxes were successfully installed and will provide a place for the local bats to roost and help support local wildlife.

Daisy Finniear (Project Officer to Frampton Cotterell Parish Council) said: “I walked around the Centenary Field last year with my bat detector and recorded 4 different species in the space of 15 minutes, so we know we have lots of bats around that will be very happy with their new boxes! Thank you to everyone that kindly donated their handmade boxes.”

A noctule bat rescued by Bristol Bat Rescue (image copyright Bristol Bat Rescue)

Bats are the only species of mammal that have evolved the ability to fly. They are nocturnal (awake at night) and contrary to popular belief, they are not blind. They use echolocation to find their way around and to catch their prey. They navigate by making ultrasonic sounds that bounce off objects. There are 18 different species of bat in the UK, all of which are protected species. There may be as many as 14 species locally, including rare large species of bat such as the noctule. During March and April, bats will begin to emerge from hibernation in search for food. If you keep an eye out at dawn or dusk, you may start noticing bats taking their first flights after sleeping through the long cold winter months. The smallest of the UK bat species, the common pipistrelle, can eat up to 3000 insects in one night! Bats are therefore fantastic at pest control and a vital part of the ecosystem.

As bats begin to emerge from hibernation, you may come across one that has been injured. Bristol Bat Rescue can provide guidance  if you find an injured bat

Tony’s Trees at Centenary Field

Four trees were kindly donated to the Parish Council’s Centenary Field by local resident, Tony.

The species are native and originally came from the Woodland Trust.

The trees have been planted in the Centenary Field. They are currently tiny saplings, but will one day be towering rowan and birch trees.

Thank you Tony for the donation.

You can find out more about native tree species and tree planting on the Woodland Trust Website.

Rowan and birch tree saplings inside green tree guards at Centenary Field
Tony, who kindly donated the tree saplings to the Parish Council.

Youth in Frampton – Have your say!

YOUNG PEOPLE OF FRAMPTON – We want to hear from you!


Have your say about what young people in Frampton
Cottrell want!

Come and meet the youth work team, enjoy some activities and give us you're opinion on what you want in your town

Thursday 20th
February @ The Brockeridge Centre, 12-2

For more information email

Have your say about what young people in Frampton
Cottrell want!

Come and meet the youth work team, enjoy some activities and give us you’re opinion on what you want in your town

Thursday 20th
February @ The Brockeridge Centre, 12-2

For more information email

Bats at Centenary Field: Family bat talk, activities & bat box installation

Poster of event - full info below.

Bats at Centenary Field!

Go batty this half term with our family bat talk and activities with Bristol Bat Rescue.

Bristol Bat Rescue will talk to you about bats and, weather permitting, run some activities for the children such as bat themed colouring.

We will also be installing the bat boxes made by residents at the community event last July, which were kindly donated to the parish council to be used at the field.

Everyone of all ages are welcome to come and learn about these amazing creatures.

We will be meeting at the big red wheel in Centenary Field, Wednesday 19th February at 12pm.

Wear wellies or boots as the field can be muddy in places.

Contact Daisy for more information:

Donations on the day very welcome for Bristol Bat Rescue.

See you there!

‘Hoppy Valentines’ from Frampton’s Frogs

This valentines day proved to be full of romance for some, not just for us humans but for our amphibious friends, too!

Over twenty frogs congregated in the garden of local resident, Phil Handy this Valentines Day. Three was certainly not a crowd for these friendly frogs!

Three frogs "hugging" in the water.
Frog “thruple” sharing the love this Valentines Day.

Keep an eye out for frogs in your garden or out on the roads as they begin to migrate in search of places to breed. January to February are key times for these migrations, and sadly many frogs end up being killed on these daring journeys. Frogs also begin to lay their frogspawn at this time, so if you have a pond in your garden keep a look out for these jelly like eggs. Find out more about frogs behaviour and frogspawn on the Country File website

Frogs and frogspawn poking heads above water. Photo by Phil Handy.
Frogs and frogspawn poking heads above water. Photo by Phil Handy.
Frogspawn and frogs in local pond. Image by Phil Handy.
Frogspawn and frogs in local pond. Image by Phil Handy.