Climate & Nature

Climate & Nature

elephant hawk moth by P Handy, with text saying Climate and Nature

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Climate & Nature News

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Climate & Nature Meetings

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council are dedicated to protecting and enhancing nature and our environment. A new Climate & Nature Committee (in-person, decision making) and Climate & Nature Group (online discussion) have been created in 2021.   Want to get involved? YOU can join in as often or as little as you like on climate & Nature projects!

Head to the calendar to view upcoming meetings.

Proposal for a Wildlife Pond at Centenary Field

pond location indicated by star, which is on the Mill Lane side of the Centenary Field

We are investigating installing a small wildlife pond in the Centenary Field in early 2023. We have had a feasibility report done to determine the best location for the pond.

The pond will be surrounded by a mix of dead hedging and living hedging to protect it and prevent dogs and people from entering the pond.

Read our pond feasibility study: Wildlife Pond Centenary Field Report.

Let us know what you think! Contact Daisy on with your comments. 

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council have developed a new Conservation Plan for The Park on School Road (Crossbow). You can read our approved Park Conservation Plan here.

Consultation is now closed, but please send your thoughts, comments, and queries to our Climate & Nature Officer via email at

Local Climate & Nature Action Plan

A new 3 year Local Climate & Nature Action Plan has been created. Let us know what you think! We welcome feedback and suggestions on the plan, and will be regularly reviewing it. The plan was created with the help of the South Glos Council Local Nature Action Plan Guidance.

2021 Local Climate and Nature Action Plan

Tree Health & Safety Works

The parish council commissioned a tree health & safety survey back in 2019, to include combating the Ash Dieback issue across the village. The works will begin from 1st October 2022.

Read the specification for works across our sites: tree health & safety works specification. Tree Health & Safety Works Specification

Frampton Cotterell Ecology Report

Parish councillor, Julian Selman, has compiled a fantastic ecological report of Frampton Cotterell Parish. If you have any additions, feel free to contact Julian. 

Ecological features Frampton Cotterell Parish

Frampton Species Lists

Frampton resident and founder of Frampton Cotterell Nature Group, David Hanks, has compiled a series of lists of species found across the village. There are some really exciting finds, so have a browse and let us know what you have seen!

Frampton Cotterell Species Lists

Biodiversity Management Plans

The Parish Council have implemented (2021) a grassland and woodland management plan for the Centenary Field to help nature thrive! You can read the management plans over on our Centenary Field webpage. 

Rewilding in Frampton

“Rewild” or returning to nature doesn’t just mean reintroducing big species such as wolves and beavers. It can be as simple as embracing messy areas in your garden! That pile of old leaves could be a home for a hedgehog or a hiding place for insects. The Parish Council are, for example, leaving a border of long grass around the Centenary Field to grow, only cutting once every 3 years. This is to let wildlife use the long, rough grass as shelter. Check out Rewilding Britain’s website for more tips on making your garden wilder

Read about more of our past and present projects:

Dental Recycling Station at The Brockeridge Centre

Meadow Survey at Centenary Field – Learn How To ID Wildflowers & Grasses! – Frampton Cotterell Parish Council (

P.P.E Recycling Station at the Brockeridge Centre

Refill Frampton Cotterell 

Frampton Cotterell Nature Notes

Tree planting with the Scouts


If you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer on any projects, contact Daisy Finniear (Climate & Nature Officer) on

**This page will be updated with climate & nature info regularly! Keep your eyes peeled.**