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Climate & Nature

Climate & Nature Meetingsclimate and nature meeting

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council are dedicated to protecting and enhancing nature our environment. A new Climate & Nature Committee (in-person) and Climate & Nature Group (online) have been created in 2021. The online group involves an informal discussion with members of the public, and recommendations to propose to the committee. The committee meet in person to consider the recommendation’s made at the online meeting (legal committee decisions can only be made in-person).  Want to get involved? YOU can join in as often or as little as you like on climate & Nature projects!

Upcoming Online Zoom Meeting Dates

Agendas page

Minutes page

All welcome, no pre booking required! Contact Daisy on if you would like to raise an agenda item. Zoom link:  

  • 8th June 6pm
  • 14th September 6pm
  • 9th November 6pm

Upcoming Climate and Nature Committee Dates

Agendas page

Minutes page

In-person, locations to be confirmed. At these meetings, the Climate & Nature Committee make resolutions based on recommendations from the online public zoom meeting. Public welcome but due to space availability, please contact us to confirm attendance on

  • 13th July 6:30pm
  • 12th October 6:30pm
  • 14th December 6:30pm

Task and Finish Group Meetings

  • Nature Trails Booklet Meeting 6pm 20th April (zoom link)

Climate & Nature Action Plan

A new 3 year Climate & Nature Action Plan has been created. Let us know what you think! We welcome feedback and suggestions on the plan, and will be regularly reviewing it.

2021 Local Climate and Nature Action Plan

Frampton Cotterell Ecology Report

Parish councillor, Julian Selman, has compiled a fantastic ecological report of Frampton Cotterell Parish. If you have any additions, feel free to contact Julian. 

Ecological features Frampton Cotterell Parish

Frampton Species Lists

Frampton resident and founder of Frampton Cotterell Nature Group, David Hanks, has compiled a series of lists of species found across the village. There are some really exciting finds, so have a browse and let us know what you have seen!

Frampton Cotterell Species Lists Link 

Biodiversity Management Plans

The Parish Council have implemented (2021) a grassland and woodland management plan for the Centenary Field to help nature thrive! You can read the management plans over on our Centenary Field webpage. 

Rewilding in Frampton

“Rewild” or returning to nature doesn’t just mean reintroducing big species such as wolves and beavers. It can be as simple as embracing messy areas in your garden! That pile of old leaves could be a home for a hedgehog or a hiding place for insects. The Parish Council are, for example, leaving a border of long grass around the Centenary Field to grow, only cutting once every 3 years. This is to let wildlife use the long, rough grass as shelter. Check out Rewilding Britain’s website for more tips on making your garden wilder

Read about more of our projects:

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Refill Frampton Cotterell 

Frampton Cotterell Nature Notes

Tree planting with the Scouts


If you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer on any projects, contact Daisy Finniear (Climate & Nature Officer) on

**This page will be updated with even more climate & nature info regularly! Keep your eyes peeled.**