Play Areas

Play Areas

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council - Play Areas

Play Areas in Frampton Cotterell

Frampton Cotterell Parish has a number of play areas with equipment to suit a variety of age groups. Below you will find a list of all local play areas and the organisations who manage them.

Using open spaces and play areas

Requests for non-standard use of open spaces and play areas must be made in writing/email at least 14 days before an event, and the use can only take place if prior permission is granted by the Parish Council. To submit a request, please complete our Application To Use Green Spaces form.
Frampton Cotterell Parish Council

The Park

Yellow and orange climbing frame

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council

This play area includes an activity wall, children’s play area, zip wire, skateboard ramp, tennis courts and a baseball court. The variety of equipment here makes it an ideal spot for all ages. This play area is owned and managed by Frampton Cotterell Parish Council.

School Road, Frampton Cotterell, BS36 2DA

Ridings Road

The newly refurbished Ridings Road Play Area.

There is a small play area on Ridings Road. The equipment is aimed at younger children between 5 and 12 years of age.  The play area was refurbished in January 2024 thanks to members of the parish partaking in a survey/consultation. The Parish Council holds a licence to manage this area, it is owned by South Gloucestershire Council.

Ridings Road, Frampton Cotterell, BS36 2RX

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council

Brockeridge Centre

There is a small play area for young children/toddlers located on the grounds of the Brockeridge centre. This play area is managed by Frampton Cotterell Parish Council.

Woodend Road, Frampton Cotterell, BS36 2LQ 

Beesmoor Road Management Committee

Beesmoor Road is home to a sports field and is now home to a beautiful nature wooded play area. The equipment blends in with nature, acting as a creative and imaginative space for children to play. This play area was part funded by the Parish Council and is set up by and managed by Beesmoor Road Playing Fields Management Committee.

Beesmoor Road, Frampton Cotterell, BS36 2JN

Park Farm

Park Farm play area has children’s play equipment as well as a basket ball net. This play area is owned and managed by South Gloucestershire Council.

St. Saviour’s Rise, Frampton Cotterell, BS36 2SW

South Gloucestershire Council [logo]

Blackberry Drive

The Blackberry Drive Play area is home to a turnstile carousel, spring mobile elephant and cradle seat swings. The equipment here makes it ideal for younger visitors to enjoy. This play area is owned and managed by South Gloucestershire Council.

Blackberry Drive, Frampton Cotterell, BS36 2SN

South Gloucestershire Council [logo]

Heather Avenue

The Heather Avenue play area is suitable for many ages, particularly children up to age 12. The equipment includes two flat seat swings, a roundabout, a seesaw and an embankment slide. This play area is owned and managed by South Gloucestershire Council.

Heather Avenue, Frampton Cotterell, BS36 2JR

South Gloucestershire Council [logo]

More Information on Play Areas

The Parish Council manages children’s play areas at The Park, Ridings Road and at the Brockeridge Centre. Other play areas, e.g. Park Farm, are managed by South Glos Council.

The Parish Council has undertaken an evaluation of the existing play provision in the Final Strategy Document for recommendations as to their future development.