Surveys – Have Your Say!

Surveys – Have Your Say!

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council. Have your say. Surveys.

Tell Us What You Think

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council needs the feedback of our parishioners to help us to make decisions which will benefit the whole community.

Please take a moment to complete our Active Surveys. Your feedback will be used to help inform Parish Council decisions.

Your opinions matter. Help make a difference in your community. Tell us what you think!

Active Surveys

Proposal for a Pathway at The Park, School Road Survey

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council has been awarded Section 106 Funding by South Gloucestershire Council in relation to the development of the Blackberry Park Estate. This funding has been awarded for the purpose of improving courts-based facilities at The Park, School Road.

A condition of this funding is the installation of a fully accessible pathway which links park entranceways to courts facilities at The Park.

We would like your feedback on our proposed pathway route.

Practical Conservation / Nature Volunteering Weekday Sessions Survey

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council and Frampton Cotterell Nature Group are investigating the possibility of running some extra practical conservation / nature volunteering sessions in addition to our monthly Saturday sessions.
We would like to know on which, if any, weekday/s you would prefer an extra session to run.  Please complete our very short survey to let us know!

Local Art Exhibitions Survey

In October 2023, we hosted the first Frampton Cotterell Local Nature Art Exhibition at the Brockeridge Centre, showcasing the arts and crafts of local people. Now we’d like your feedback on whether you’d like us to host similar art events in the future!

Closed Surveys

The following surveys are now closed:

The Frampton Cotterell Climate & Nature Declaration Survey was closed on 24/01/2024.

The results of this survey, as well as suggestions made at our Climate & Nature drop in discussions, played an important part in the formulation of our new Environment Policy, and our decision to declare a Climate Emergency.

The Scarecrow Trail Theme 2023 Vote was closed on 31/08/2023.

The results of this vote can be seen in our article, Scarecrow Trail 2023 Theme: And the winner is…!

The Courts Development Survey was closed on 18/05/2023.

18/05/2023: The results of this survey are now being analysed and discussed by the Parish Council.

UPDATE 15/08/2023: Tennis Courts Update.

UPDATE 20/11/2023: Local Park Tennis Courts in Frampton Cotterell Set for Renovation

UPDATE 23/11/2023: Work on Tennis Courts Refurbishment at The Park Beginning November 27th 2023

UPDATE 23/01/2024: Update on Tennis Courts Improvements

The King’s Coronation Celebrations Survey was closed on 24/03/2023.

As a result of the responses given to this survey, it was decided that the Parish Council would not host a Coronation event, but would instead offer community grants to support local groups who were hosting community events.

For more information, please see our Coronation Celebration Survey Response article.

The Ridings Road Play Area Survey was closed on 06/12/2022.

06/12/2022: The results of this survey are now being analysed and discussed by the Parish Council.

UPDATE 18/07/2023:  Ridings Road Play Area – What’s Next?

UPDATE 18/01/2024: Work Progressing at Ridings Road Play Area

UPDATE 30/01/2024: Ridings Road Play Area – Opening Soon!

Thank you for your feedback.