A sign on a bookshelf. The sign reads, Climate & Nature Library. Borrow as long as you like, but please return books from this shelf for others to enjoy. Frampton Cotterell Climate & Nature committee logo: do your part, save our planet. Behind the poster/sign there are lots of books.

Climate & Nature Mini Library at The Brockeridge Centre

Did you know that we have a Climate & Nature Mini Library at The Brockeridge Centre?

This fantastic resource provides local people with a selection of books to learn more about the environment, the climate, plants, animals, and more!

The Climate & Nature Mini Library is completely free to use. You can borrow any of the books for as long as you like – but we do ask that you please return them once you have finished reading, so that other people can make use of them after you.

Want to learn more? Pop into the Brockeridge Centre during our opening hours to browse the Climate & Nature Mini Library yourself, or send an email to

Whilst you’re there, you can check out the general Brockeridge Mini Library, too…!