"Graphic image representing climate and nature changes over time. It is divided into four panels from left to right: 1. Leftmost panel: A hill frozen over and snowy under an icy grey sky. 2. Second panel: The hill with verdant grass under a clear bright blue sky, with half of the tree bearing bright green leaves. 3. Third panel: The hill with slightly yellowing grass beneath a cloudy blue sky, the tree with denser and darker foliage. 4. Rightmost panel: The hill on fire beneath a reddish-grey sky. Text overlay at the top reads 'Climate & Nature Emergency Parish Survey.' Beneath is the Frampton Cotterell Parish Council Climate & Nature Logo, which reads 'Do your part, save our planet.'"

Climate & Nature Emergency and Action Plan Survey

On September 5th, we hosted a Climate & Nature Drop-In Session where the parish shared their views on what they would like to see in our Climate & Nature Emergency Declaration, and also shared ideas for future nature projects and improvements they thought we should consider.

The Parish Council always seeks as many views and opinions from our parishioners as possible. That’s why we have decided to open this up to an online survey. This way, anyone who was unable to attend our drop-in will still be able to let us know what they think!

Complete the Survey

You can complete our survey online, via our Frampton Cotterell Climate and Nature Survey