Frampton Cotterell Parish Council Chair, Councillor Linda Williams, cutting the ceremonial ribbon at Ridings Road Play Area. The ribbon is held up by a group of small children wearing Beavers uniforms. A group of people watches. Frampton Cotterell Parish Council logo.

Ridings Road Play Area Official Opening Event

The Opening Ceremony

On Thursday the 15th of February, 2024, Frampton Cotterell Parish Council hosted our official opening event for the newly refurbished Ridings Road Play Area.

Thankfully the rain held off, and we even had a spot of sunshine! Our morning’s events included a refreshments stand, planting activities, and an official ribbon-cutting ceremony with the parish council Chair.

…And, of course, lots of fun playing on the brand new equipment!

We would like to thank the local Beavers group who joined us at this event and were fantastic at helping us plant bulbs, trees, plants and hedgerows at the play area. With the help of the Beavers, their families, and other volunteers who chipped in, we were able to do loads of planting in just a few hours!

This planting at Ridings Road coincides with the council’s wider planting scheme for the area. We hope that the native-mix hedgerow used will provide shelter and habitats for local wildlife, whilst helping to keep children (and footballs!) safely within the boundaries of the play area.

The Beavers also helped with our ceremonial ribbing-cutting. Thank you Beavers!

Our council Chair, Linda Williams, gave a speech (which you can read below) before cutting the ceremonial ribbon and officially opening the play area.

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our opening ceremony event. We hope that the children of our parish will enjoy the Ridings Road Play Area for many years to come!


Councillor Williams’s Opening Speech

Cllr. Linda Williams and Parish Council staff member, Steve, stand in front of lots of potted saplings ready to plant at the play area.
Cllr. Linda Williams and Frampton Cotterell Parish Council’s Estates & Amenities Officer, Steve.

Good morning and a very warm welcome to the official opening of the Ridings Road play area. Let’s hope the weather keeps dry for us… brollies at the ready!

Some quick introductions: I’m Linda Williams, chairman of the council – everyone wave, cheer clap or just make some noise!

Also here are some of our parish councillors and staff – please wave, councillors and staff!

With us today, we also have Ben Shear from Kompan, The Beavers, and residents of Ridings Road and Frampton Cotterell – and everyone else!

As you know, the old play area here has been completely updated and revamped. Doesn’t it look brilliant?

The credit for the building and designing of the new play area goes to KOMPAN. They used the comments and suggestions from the survey that the parish council put out and residents answered – and this is the result!

Ben is here to answer any questions you may have, especially relating to their use of recycled materials, which is great to know!

To pay for it all, we asked the Suez Community Fund for a grant and they very kindly donated just under £50,000 so a very big thank you to them.

The Beavers are here today with their leaders to help do some planting of bulbs and shrubs, to help make it all look lovely – you are all welcome to join them and muck in!

We have teas, coffees, cake, biscuits and soft drinks available to keep you all going.

Finally, before I cut the ribbon, I’d like to say a big thank you to Councillors staff and all involved.

I now declare the Ridings Road Play Area open!”

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