Tennis Courts Now Open! Text over photograph of the refurbished tennis courts at The Park. Frampton Cotterell Parish Council logo.

Tennis Courts Now Open!

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council is pleased to announce that the newly refurbished tennis courts at The Park, School Road, are now open for bookings!

You can learn more about the tennis courts, court rules, terms of use, and the booking process by looking through our new “Tennis Courts” web pages – we recommend starting with “About The Tennis Courts“.

As you can see from our “Before” and “After” photos, the improvements are fantastic!

If you have any questions about the tennis courts, please feel free to get in contact – we’re happy to help! We have a brand new email address dedicated to tennis queries: As always, you can also telephone our office, or pop into the Brockeridge Centre during office hours for a chat!

Happy tennis-playing, parishioners!