Aerial photograph of the tennis courts at The Park, School Road, Frampton Cotterell. Lawn Tennis Association logo: LTA Tennis For Britain. South Gloucestershire Council logo. Frampton Cotterell Parish Council Logo. Work on Tennis Courts Refurbishment at The Park Beginning November 27th 2023

Local Park Tennis Courts in Frampton Cotterell Set for Renovation

Local park tennis courts in Frampton Cotterell set for renovation!

  • Frampton Cotterell Parish Council and the LTA agree partnership to breathe new life into local park tennis courts in Frampton Cotterell.
  • The project will see £119,828.58 of investment into the tennis courts in Frampton Cotterell
  • Investment comes from the UK Government and LTA Tennis Foundation’s Park Tennis Project, being delivered by the LTA in partnership with Frampton Cotterell Parish Council.

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council and the LTA have today announced a partnership to invest in and refurbish public park tennis courts in the Park, Frampton Cotterell. In total, 2 tennis courts will be renovated, with investment of £119,828.58 helping ensure that quality facilities are available for the local community.

The project is part of a nationwide investment by the UK Government and LTA Tennis Foundation, delivered by the LTA, to refurbish public tennis courts across Great Britain, and open up the sport to many more people. This investment will see thousands of existing park tennis courts in poor or unplayable condition brought back to life for the benefit of communities across the country through renovation works, and improved court accessibility with new gate-access technology and booking systems.

Park tennis courts are vital in providing opportunities for children and adults to get active, delivering significant physical and mental health and wellbeing benefits to participants. Accessible facilities in parks are particularly critical to opening up the sport to those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and women and girls.

In addition to investment of £41,780.76 from the UK Government and LTA Tennis Foundation, Frampton Cotterell Parish Council have kindly invested £78,047.82 to ensure the courts and the fencing will be completed to an excellent standard.

Alongside the investment, Frampton Cotterell Parish Council will also work with the LTA to deliver a range of activity on these tennis courts. This will include weekly organised free park tennis sessions for all ages, playing levels and experience where equipment is provided, meaning that people will not need someone to play with or their own racket. Local Tennis Leagues will also provide friendly, sociable, opportunities to get active through local competition.

The park courts being renovated are in the park next to the Cricket and Rugby Clubs.  The courts will have online booking found via the LTA website. This will make it far easier to find and book a tennis court or activity in Frampton Cotterell on these courts.

Work on sites is anticipated to start in the Autumn and be completed ready for play in 2024.

Councillor Linda Williams, Chairman of Frampton Cotterell Parish Council, said:

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council is passionate about making sure all of our parishioners have access to quality sports and activity facilities. Therefore, we are proud to be working with the LTA on this project to refurbish our tennis courts at The Park, School Road. We are grateful to the LTA for their funding contribution as well as the further SGC S106 funding which was awarded for improvements to outdoor sports facilities, including the tennis courts which will be used for this project. The planned improvements to the tennis courts will benefit our community both in the present and with a view to longevity, thanks to the plans and provisions we have in place for the regular maintenance of the courts moving forward, including regular resurfacing and repainting works. Funding for the cost of this ongoing maintenance will be secured through the introduction of certain booking charges for the tennis courts alongside the continuing free sessions. This will help to ensure that the tennis courts remain fit for purpose, allowing the community to enjoy playing tennis for many years to come. Any additional money secured through these charges will go toward the further improvement of sports facilities at The Park.”

Julie Porter, Chief Operating Officer at the LTA, said:

“We are delighted to be working with Frampton Cotterell Parish Council to improve their park tennis facilities and provide more opportunities for anyone to pick up a racket and get active. This investment is part of the UK Government and LTA’s Parks Tennis Project, and will mean that courts will be available for people to use for years to come. We will also be working closely with Frampton Cotterell Parish Council to ensure that the local community have a range of accessible opportunities to get on court, and open up our sport to many more people.”

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