Frampton Cotterell Parish Council. New Anti-Climb Paint. Photograph of a black fence with a "Warning Anti Climb Paint" sign next to it.

Anti-Climb Paint at The Brockeridge Centre

Recently, our Maintenance Officer painted fencing at the Brockeridge Centre with new anti-climb paint. This is part of our ongoing effort to reduce vandalism and anti-social behaviour around the Brockeridge Centre.
Anti-climb paint works by coating surfaces with a thick greasy, hard to remove residue. This residue makes anything treated with anti-climb paint difficult to climb, as well as leaving perpetrator’s hands and clothing covered in the persistently sticky paint. This not only deters would-be law-breakers, but also makes it much easier for the police to identify anyone who has attempted to break in, as they will be covered in this very difficult to remove grease.
Shortly after painting the fences, we found these black handprints smeared all over the Brockeridge Centre windows.