Frampton Cotterell Parish Council. Vandalised Slate Replaced at Brockeridge Centre. Photograph of planter border now filled with bark chips.

Vandalised Slate Replaced at Brockeridge Centre

Last month, the Brockeridge Centre outdoor area was sadly vandalised. Slate from our border was smashed, scattered about, and thrown over our fence into neighbouring gardens. Our picnic bench was also badly scratched and covered with graffiti, and flower planters kicked and dented.
Following this vandalisation of the slate borders at the Brockeridge Centre, we have now replaced all of our slate with bark chips to mitigate the potential of future damage and danger to safety. We have also filed a report with the local police regarding the incident.
Our Maintenance Officer has done a fantastic job doing the laborious work of removing and replacing the slate. Despite the negative circumstances, we think that the new bark chips look lovely!