Juliet King-Smith Visits The Scarecrow Trail

Image of Juliet with the Sheep Pig scarecrow entry.
Juliet King-Smith with “The Sheep Pig”.

On Wednesday 30th October 2019, residents of Frampton Cotterell and Coalpit Heath were able to truly express and honour the memory of our distinguished historic celebrity, author Dick King-Smith. His daughter, Juliet King-Smith, kindly travelled to visit us and spent the whole day here, she had a very busy itinerary.

Throughout the morning, Juliet walked around the scarecrow trail and enjoyed seeing all the characters from her father’s book in scarecrow form. Juliet’s face lit up when she saw the scarecrows. She enjoyed her time so much being back in the village, she has said a few words summarising her day:

Juliet praised all the scarecrows that she viewed on Wednesday 30th October, saying, “Thanks for a terrific day on Wednesday. It was so nice to be in Coalpit Heath again. I loved the brilliantly-imaginative scarecrows…”

Juliet went on to reflect on the fun she had telling stories at the Manor Hall, “The gathering in the hall that used to be the primary school went very well, I thought, and it was nice to meet some locals and their kids and to read, ostensibly, to the children, but I noticed the parents and helpers seemed to enjoy listening in too.”

You can read more about Juliet’s visit and the scarecrow trail by reading this article by Stella Beecher, who spent the day with Juliet.

Thank you to everyone that took part in the scarecrow trail this year, all of your entries were fantastic and we can’t wait to see your designs next time! If you have any theme ideas for the 2020 trail, feel free to send them over to us