Frampton Cotterell Parish Council / Crochet & Knit Club / Tuesdays, 11am - 1pm / Next sessions: March 7th & March 21st / The Brockeridge Centre. / Whatever your ability, come join us for some crafty yarn fun! / for more information, contact The Brockeridge Centre on 01454 864442 or / Photos of crochet and knit projects: a granny square cushion; a collection of yarn craft animals made of crochet, pom poms, knitting, and sewing; a stack of yarn balls with crochet hooks and knitting needles. / Photo credit to club leader, Lesley.

Crochet & Knit Club Is Back!

Crochet & Knit Club

Wonderful local crafter and community volunteer Lesley is back at the Brockeridge Centre running her fun and friendly Crochet & Knit Club – and she wants you to come along!

Anyone is welcome to attend, regardless of your ability.

The upcoming sessions for March will be on Tuesday the 7th and Tuesday the 21st, both at 11am – 1pm at The Brockeridge Centre.

We hope we’ll see you there!