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February Volunteer Event – Wildflowers Galore!

On Saturday the 11th of February, a group of our fantastic Climate & Nature volunteers joined us at Centenary Field to plant wildflowers and shrubs, and to perform tree care on our young saplings.

In only two hours we were able to plant 75 bulbs of snowdrop, bluebell, and wood anemone, 5 holly bushes, 10 box shrubs, and 25 potted wildflowers of red campion, primrose, and dog violet. All of these are native species, and will help to improve biodiversity at Centenary Field – whilst also bringing some more beautiful colour to the area for all of us to enjoy!

We are also planning to plant another 50 bulbs of wild garlic and daffodil during the week, once the rest of our bulb order is delivered.

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