Climate & Nature Volunteers / Building hibernacula at Centenary Field. Do your part, save our planet: Frampton Cotterell Parish Council.

Building Hibernacula at Centenary Field – Lookback!

On Saturday the 11th of March, our Climate & Nature Officer organised our third conservation volunteer session of the year – this time building hibernacula!

Hibernacula are small hiding, hunting, and resting spots for reptiles and amphibians. On the 11th, with the help of our fantastic volunteers, we were able to build four hibernacula at Centenary Field. These hibernacula have been built in scattered locations across Centenary Field, and will go a long way in helping support our local reptilian and amphibian neighbours. Brilliant!

One of our volunteers (Jeanette from the Frampton Cotterell Nature Group) also built an incredible den (see final photo, below). This was built as a practice run for our planned Den Building activity session at our Bioblitz 2023 event on the 29th of April. We hope to see you there in April for some den-building of your own (as well as many other fun, exciting, free planned activities)!

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