Frampton Cotterell Parish Council. Reported: Remains of fires at The Park. SORTED

Remains of Fires at The Park – Reported – Sorted!

Earlier in the month, our Maintenance Officer responded to reports of a small fire at The Park, by the skatepark area.

Upon arrival, our Maintenance Officer found the remains of two small fires, one of which looked like the remains of a backpack with books, pens, sweets, and even a can of deodorant still left inside! The other fire appears to have consisted of batteries, a can of butane gas, and some paper.

Fires can cause huge amounts of damage – not only to property, but potentially to wildlife and humans!

Our Maintenance Officer did a great job of clearing up the remains of the fires on March 13th. If you spot any remains of fires, or any other damage or issue on Parish Council maintained land, please get in contact with us via telephone on 01454 864442, via email at, or pop into the Brockeridge Centre during our opening hours for a chat in person.