Two photographs. One is labelled "before" and shows an old double wooden fence. The second is labelled "after" and shows a new metal green high double fence. Text reads, Frampton Cotterell Parish Council Estates & Amenities. Upgraded Gate at The Allotments.

Upgraded Gate at the Allotments

Our Estates Officer, Steve, has been out and about in this wet and chilly November weather making improvements around the village!
One of the recent projects he carried out for us was replacing the gate  at the allotments. The old gate was not very secure, and was difficult for pedestrians and cyclists to use. The new gate fixes both of those issues.
Steve also went the extra mile by fitting metal bolts to the hinges to make them even more secure. Great work!
Take a look at the Before & After photos in our gallery, below.


We have had a lot of queries and comments regarding this gate upgrade! We hope the following information clarifies some things.

Our Estates officer liaised with the Parish Council’s fencing contractor, C & R fencing, who did the installation for this project.

The gates were installed after a request from the allotment association to improve security to the site.

Previously, there had been issues with people using the old gates to access the allotments, and then cutting through to the footpath running along the rear of the allotments. There have been thefts from these allotments in the past, as well as serious vandalism, including a shed being burnt down, taps being broken off, and water butts being pushed over.

These issues have caused understandable and justified concern among the allotment holders. As the allotments are a site managed by the parish council, it is our responsibility to do what we can to maintain safety and security at the site. The new fence and gates will, hopefully, help with this.

Furthermore, the new gates fitted will allow easier pedestrian/cycle access through the smaller gate. The larger gate can be opened for larger vehicle access when needed.

We understand people’s concerns over aesthetics (and certainly wooden fences do look lovely!), but in this instance it was decided that practicality and safety should take precedence over appearances.

Thank you to everyone who has voiced concerns – it’s so important for the community to be engaged, and shows that you care about our village.