The tennis courts at The Park, School road, with new surfacing and new fences. Text overlaid reads, Update on Tennis Court Improvements. Frampton Cotterell Parish Council logo.

Update on Tennis Courts Improvements

In November 2023, work started on our project to refurbish the tennis courts at The Park, School Road, in Frampton Cotterell.

Work has been progressing smoothly since then, and we are pleased to give you a positive update! The tennis courts have now been excellently resurfaced, and we have installed new secure fencing and a secure entry system with remote locking and access.

We’ve posted a few photos of the work finished so far – take a look at our gallery, below!

However, you may notice from our photos that the court lines have yet to be added. When we are able, the court lines will be painted to Lawn Tennis Association Standards.

The paint required for tennis court lines needs an extended period of dry and warm weather in order to dry correctly and adhere to the tennis court surface. As it is still winter, and as we are experiencing an especially cold, wet, and windy spell at present, we will need to wait for more appropriate weather before painting the court lines. This will most likely be some time during the spring.

The tennis courts will remain closed until all work has been completed.

If you have any questions, comments, or issues to raise relating to the tennis courts, please get in touch.