The top of the wooden Bug Hotel at Centenary Field, a wooden sculpture. The top is carved with the words Centenary Fields and bears a plaque (writing too small to read). It is covered in thick frost!

January Practical Conservation Session POSTPONED

UPDATE – Second Postponement

Unfortunately, our postponed session has been postponed again, as our Nature Officer has sadly come down with a case of COVID-19.

As such, we have now rescheduled our January conservation session to SATURDAY 27th.

January Session Postponed

This month’s Practical Conservation Session has been POSTPONED due to adverse weather conditions.

Our plans to continue work dead-hedging around the Centenary Field Pond are being delayed due to the ground being frozen.

We hope to reschedule this session to January 20th, 10am – 12pm – provided that the ground has thawed out a bit by then!

If you’d like to learn more about our fun, free, educational, and locally beneficial public conservation sessions, please email our Nature Officer, Daisy, on