Local Play Area Set For Revamp. Frampton Cotterell Parish Council. A 3D visual of the planned improvements for the Ridings Road Play Area. The play area includes balances beams, a climbing frame, and a large circular net swing.

Local Play Area Set For Revamp – Ridings Road, Frampton Cotterell

Delight at plans for new play equipment at Ridings Road.

As part of our ongoing assessment of play equipment in the village, Frampton Cotterell Parish Council is pleased to announce the installation of new play equipment at Ridings Road.

The new equipment will be installed, weather permitting, in January 2024. This follows a survey conducted with parents and children of the parish who very kindly fed in what they would like to see.

This improved play area will cater for ages 5-12 years and will be inclusive to all users.

An infographic showing the planned improvements for the Ridings Road Play Area. Ridings Road Play Area, Frampton Cotterell Parish Council: a 3D visual. A computer generated image of Ridings Road Play Area as it will look when improvements are carried out. Inclusive Play – Our design at Ridings Road Play Area ensures that users of a range of ages and abilities can learn, interact, imagine and play together! 5-12+ age range. 23+ play features. 35+ number of users. Made green, lower C02. Labelled equipment on 3D visual: Shell nest swing seat, multi-play unit, double somersault bars, inclusive carousel, triple balance beams, cradle swing seat, springers, picnic table. A close up of the multi-play unit, “Moments TM Multi-play System, with labels: overhead ladder, rope bridge, pipe ladder, high slide, rapella, tactile panel – low level tactile play, fireman’s pole. Platforms have grips to help children pull themselves up or crawl along. Lifetime warranty: KOMPAN Hope PDE Panels, EcoCore TM and other, Stainless steel hardware, Galvanised structural parts. How our playgrounds are green: Ocean Green – dark teal panels are made of 100% post-consumer ocean-recycled waste. Texmade TM posts – TexMade posts are made in 100% post-consumer recycled textile and plastic waste. Lime Green – panels in lime green are made of 100% post-consumer material in the core from food-packaging waste. Greenline Decks – Decks of play systems and dark teal GreenLine panels are made in 75% post-consumer ocean recycled waste. Kompan: turning ocean waste into playgrounds. Greenline Equipment: KOMPAN can now deliver full solution playgrounds that are Born Green or Made Green. Made Green products are made of post-consumer recycled materials such as ocean waste, used textiles, food packaging waste, used plastic bags, etc. Our Made Green, Greenline products comes with 50% reduction in carbon emission versus the 2014 alike products.

Our parish council Project Officer said,

We had a brilliant response to the survey with residents and children. Thank you to everyone who shared their feedback. We were able to take on most comments received, and we hope to make further planting improvements in the future.”


The project will cost in the region of £70,000 and has been made possible with a generous amount of funding. 

The parish council would especially like to thank the SUEZ Communities Fund for making this project possible. We are extremely grateful for this fund’s generous contribution of £43,700, without which this project could not go ahead.

New signage will also be installed at the park, the purchase of which was made possible thanks to the generous external Member Awarded Funding in the amount of £500.

Suez Communities Fund logo.South Gloucestershire Council logo.

The parish council hopes that these play area improvements at Ridings Road will benefit the whole community and be enjoyed by the parish for years to come!