A photograph of the current play area at Ridings Road, with text “From this…”. A 3D visual plan of how the Ridings Road Play Area will look after improvements are completed, with text “…to this!”. Frampton Cotterell Parish Council Logo. Ridings Road Play Area: Work Commencing January 8th, 2024! Suez Communities Fund logo. South Gloucestershire Council logo.

Ridings Road Play Area – Work Commencing January 8th 2024

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council is pleased to inform you that the work to improve the Ridings Road Play Area will begin on Monday the 8th of January 2024.

Our plans to revamp this play area have been informed by survey feedback from local people.

The project has been made possible thanks to a generous funding contribution of £43,700 from the SUEZ Communities Fund. We will also be able to install new signage, thanks to the generous Member Awarded Funding in the amount of £500.

The parish council hopes that these play area improvements at Ridings Road will benefit the whole community and be enjoyed by the parish for years to come!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch.