A gold plaque mounted on wood. The plaque reads, "This oak tree stands tall to represent the strength of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic and in remembrance of loved ones lost. Planted by Frampton Cotterell Parish Council in 2022."

COVID-19 Reflection Tree

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council is proud to unveil our COVID-19 Reflection Tree at Centenary Field. This tree represents the strength of our community during the pandemic, and stands as a memorial to loved ones lost.

The idea for this memorial came from one of our parishioners, Theresa (pictured below), who contacted the Parish Council to request that we install a pandemic reflection tree. We gladly agreed.South Gloucestershire Council provided us with the oak tree, and Drew’s Yard kindly donated the custom-built tree guard. Our Maintenance Officer has also installed a plaque in memory of Theresa’s loved one, sadly lost during the pandemic.

There is a bench situated near to the Reflection Tree to provide a quiet spot where people can sit and reflect.

If you would like a plaque installed on the Reflection Tree, whether to memorialise a lost loved one or simply to share your own reflections on the pandemic, please contact us on 01454 864442 or via email on for more information.

Two women, one with shoulder-length dark hair, one with short blonde hair, both wearing sunglasses, stand in front of a young oak tree. The oak tree is surrounded by bronze-coloured metal railings. These railings are about a foot higher than the women's heads. There are two small plaques attached to the railings.