Dangerous Dogs Notice

Due to a recent incident with the behaviour of a few dogs, PC Simmons and SGC’s Dog Warden would like to advise people to contact the police on 101 if they experience a dangerous or out of control animal. SGC’s Dog Warden should be contacted if the dog issue relates to dogs roaming free, causing a nuisance or fouling. A photo of the dog would help, if it is safe to do so.

SGC’s Dog Warden can be contacted by email or phone:
Tel. 01454 868000

2 thoughts on “Dangerous Dogs Notice

  1. I have just witnessed a large dog that was running loose down Frenchay Park Road ,attack another dog that was on a lead. The dog was biting and pulled the owner onto the floor. I have told police who have passed me to the dog warden!!!. Hopefully this dog will not attack a person/child/ or another dog and do more damage. I am very surprised that this incident has not been taken seriously

    1. Avatar for Council Administrator

      Council Administrator

      Thank you for making us aware of this incident, Cherise. Sounds like you did the right thing in informing the police!

      Were you able to successfully contact the Dog Warden using the information listed on this page?

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