Dipper on the Frome

The River Frome is home to an array of wildlife, especially species of bird. A dipper has been spotted this December (2019) feeding from the local river.

The dipper is a chunky bird with a nice plump body. Dippers are listed as ‘Amber’ under Birds of Conservation Concern.

Dippers feed from the shallow areas of rivers for underwater invertebrates. If you want to try and spot one for yourself be sure to take a walk along the River Frome and keep an eye out for their short tails and chocolatey brown feathers.

You can find out more about the dipper on their Wildlife Trust info page.

Dipper catching his lunch in the river frome.
Dipper on the Frome catching it’s lunch. Photo by Steve Jones.

One thought on “Dipper on the Frome

  1. Different Frampton – different Frome!

    What a fabulous picture, Steve – it deserves to be featured much more widely
    than this little website!
    Is that a bullhead (Miller’s Thumb) it has caught?
    I had no idea that a dipper could handle something of that size with its little beak.
    I only found this site while searching the web for dippers on the Dorset Frome at
    Frampton near Dorchester – their presence there casually claimed by the Dorset
    Wildlife Trust and which I don’t believe – not the right environment for dippers.

    My further research suggests that the only dippers occurring in Dorset are in
    the extreme west along the river Lym flowing down to Lyme Regis – a perfect environment.

    Great photo.

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