"Repainting The Wheel" text over a collage of photographs - the same photographs as in the body of the post.

Re-Painting Centenary Wheel

The Parish Council purchased land at Centenary Field in 1994 to commemorate 100 years of the Parish Council, and the now locally famous Red Wheel was placed in the field as a monument to the area’s industrial history.

But you may have noticed that lately the Centenary Wheel has been looking a little worse for wear. Exposure to the elements had left our bright red landmark rusted, dirty, and generally looking a little battered!

So, this spring, Frampton Cotterell Parish Council decided the Wheel needed some sprucing up!

We commissioned some fantastic local craftsmen to work on the wheel, cleaning, de-rusting, polishing, and repainting it to make it look beautiful once again. They’ve done a brilliant job, and the results are undeniable!

Take a look below for Before-, During-, and After Refurbishment photos of our Wheel, and see for yourself…

Photograph of the Centenary Wheel before its refurbishments. It is a large, red, semicircular metal wheel on a low stone wall. It is clearly rusted and weather-worn and dirty.
Before Refurbishment. Photo credit: Julian Selman
Photograph of two people working on repainting the Centenary Wheel. Two people are up two ladders propped up against a large semi-circular metal wheel. The wheel is red, but rusted, except for the parts which the people have polished and begun to repaint.
During Refurbishment. Photo credit: Linda Williams
Photograph of Centenary Wheel. It is now clean, not rusty, and a very bright red.
After Refurbishment

Close up photograph of the spokes of the Centenary Wheel. They are shiny and red. Behind the spokes is a green wooded area.

Photograph of the Centenary Wheel from a distance. The wheel is bright red against the dark green of trees behind and the bright green of grass in front.

Looking good!

Have you seen our newly repainted Centenary Wheel at Centenary Field in person? We’d love to hear your thoughts!