Frampton Cotterell Parish Council & Frampton Nature Group: Bioblitz. A Look back at the event.

Bioblitz 2022: A Look Back!

On Saturday April 30th, as part of the weekend long “Bioblitz” event (as created by the City and Nature Challenge), Frampton Cotterell Parish Council & Frampton Nature Group hosted an all-day Bioblitz Nature Event at Centenary Field.

Together we organised a day full of activities and events, beginning with a Dawn Chorus Walk at 5am and ending with a Bat Walk at 10pm. Throughout the day we had plenty of craft tables, guided walks, educational talks, and tonnes of group bioblitzing sessions. We also welcomed stalls and sessions from Severn Wildlife Rescue, City and Nature Challenge, and Hedgehog Awareness.

We would like to thank Frampton Cotterell Nature Group as a whole and David in particular for their huge role in devising and organising this event; Severn Wildlife Rescue for attending and hosting their raffle; Alan for the Bug Hunt; Peter, Mike, Joe, Julie, Sally, and Jeanette from Frampton Cotterell Nature for leading Frampton Cotterell Nature walks and activities; Ruth, Councillor Julian Selman, and Lesley for their help at base camp; the City & Nature Challenge Team who ran iNaturalist workshops; and our Climate & Nature Officer, Daisy, for her Herculean efforts in managing and overseeing this brilliant event.

And finally, we’d love to say a very big thank you to everyone who came along and took part!  With your enthusiastic assistance, Frampton Cotterell helped the Bristol & Bath region make nearly 8,000 recordings of local flora and fauna via the iNaturalist app, covering over 1,290 different species of plants, birds, insects, and animals. Not only that, but your enthusiasm helped make our Bioblitz Event truly memorable.

Great work, Frampton Cotterell!

photograph of councillor Julian Selman standing in front of the Bioblitz stall, beside two white boards with Bioblitz activities listed on one, and SPECIES LIST Flora and Fauna written on the other. The day is sunny, and the Centenary wheel can be seen to the left edge.
Councillor Selman at the Bioblitz Base Camp.
A photograph of two people sitting underneath a green gazebo beside a table filled with posters and leaflets. Behind them is the red centenary wheel.
Severn Wildlife Rescue’s stall.

Photograph of a person standing beneath a white gazebo. They are standing beside a table covered in information about hedgehogs.

A photograph of two people in bright blue tshirts. They are standing outside in front of a table. It is sunny, and the people are grinning broadly, both posing with their hands on their hips.
The Festival of Nature Stall.
A person stands and smiles in front of the red Centenary wheel. They are holding a butterfly guide toward the camera.
Julie, leading the Butterfly Walk.
A large group of people, some sitting, some standing, in a field. It is sunny and the sky is blue.
Bug Hunt!
A large group of people stand in the middle of a large field. The sky is darkening to a lilac-grey, the colour of twilight.
Bat Walk!
A whiteboard divided into two halve. The top reads Species List, and then the two columns are labelled "Flora (plants)" and "Fauna (animals). Beneath, in lots of different handwriting, are lists of the species recorded by local people during the event.
The Species List filled out by local people on the day! Amazing work!