To the left, a photograph of The car park at The Pavilion, The Park (School Road). To the right is the side of the pavilion building and the Frampton Cotterell Parish Council van. The car park is mostly light grey but with two large black tarmac squares where potholes have been filled in. To the right, the Frampton Cotterell Parish Council Logo, with the text beneath, "Potholes at The Park - Fixed!"

Potholes at The Park – Fixed!

Last month we told you about our plans to fix the potholes in the Pavilion Car Park at The Park (School Road). This work has since been completed, and the car park is looking great!

Our dedicated Estates Officer, Steve, deserves special recognition for his exceptional efforts in repairing these potholes, ensuring a safer experience for all car park users.

Take a moment to view our gallery below, showcasing the finished work!