Pond Life! Find out why we love ponds

Pond Life: Why We Love Ponds!

Let’s talk PONDS!

Who doesn’t love to see a beautiful pond tucked away in the corner of a park, or ornamenting a beautiful garden? But did you know that ponds aren’t just there to look pretty – they serve to support biodiversity in seriously brilliant ways!

 Firstly, ponds provide a reliable water source for wild animals – something especially important during hot weather spells like we’ve been experiencing recently. Us humans can easily get water from taps (or from the FCPC free water fountain at The Park), but it’s not so easy for animals. By providing a reliable place to drink, ponds can act as focal points for all manner of wild animals, from insects and invertebrates to birds and small mammals!

But ponds don’t just offer a drink to animals – they can be a great source of food, too! For example, insects are often attracted to pond water, and in turn those insects attract larger animals who feed on them, such as bats. Bats being supported by ponds?? It’s more likely than you think!

And of course, ponds are homely habitats in themselves. Newts, frogs, and toads can all live and breed in ponds, not to mention the wide variety of native water-plants who make their home in ponds, too!

Phew – ponds really pack a punch on the biodiversity front!

 And guess what? It isn’t only large, wild ponds which offer these brilliant biodiversity benefits – even miniature garden ponds can prove a boon for native flora and fauna! That means that even if you only have a small garden, you could put in a tiny pond and still help out your non-human neighbours.

If you want to learn more about phenomenal ponds, check out the Avon Wildlife Trust’s excellent article all about ponds on their website.

Do you have a pond in your garden? Do you ever visit local ponds? What do you love best about ponds? Don’t be afraid to dip your toes in – leave a comment for us, below!

A pipistrelle bat perched on some greenery.