The Floral Friends of Frampton Need YOU!

Since 2014, the Floral Friends of Frampton have been planting flowers and bulbs across our village. Their work not only makes our village more beautiful, but also helps to support local wildlife, as well as helping to bring the community together around their various projects and local events.

But now, the future of the Floral Friends may be at risk.

The Floral Friends of Frampton need new volunteers to help them in their wonderful efforts to make our village brighter for everyone.

Could you volunteer?

The Chair of the Floral Friends has sent out the following statement,

“After 10 years The Secretary and I have taken the decision to step down from our roles as of November 2024. No one else in the group is willing to take on the role of Chair.

We are very keen to continue as a volunteer group as the floral displays are much appreciated around the village and much effort has been put into them.

However we are finding it harder to cope with the heavy work and really need to get some new enthusiastic young volunteers and in particular a suitable person to take on the role of Chair to lead the group.

We have reviewed the hanging baskets and other activities in the light of our changing circumstances, and would like to ask for your understanding and any thoughts as to how to get more (younger) volunteers.

We are happy to meet to discuss options.”

If you would like to support the Floral Friends of Frampton, please get in touch with them via email on