Local History – Barber-less Village

Frampton Cotterell and District Local History Society have sent in a light hearted piece of history to brighten your day in these uncertain times.

An excerpt from the Western Daily Press from the 4th Sept 1945, spoke of the troubles of life without a barber shop in Coalpit Heath. The article read:

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council in the interest of the residents of the Coalpit Heath side of the parish are asking for the demobilisation of their barber. Ever since he had to join the forces four years ago his shop, the only one in the village, has been closed, and the 1,500 villagers have had to do the best they could. Many, whose wives are not adept with either scissors or clippers, have had to travel four miles for a haircut.”

Photograph of the Barberless Village article.