Frampton Cotterell Parish Council. Frampton Cotterell Christmas Lights. Text on black background. To the left, a photograph of a red and white christmas light on a lamp post. It is red with white stars.

Frampton Cotterell Christmas Lights

Did you know that the beautiful Christmas lights around the village are in place thanks to Frampton Cotterell Parish Council?

Back in 2015, Frampton Cotterell Parish Council decided to put in place a new project at Christmastime to highlight local shops by putting up Christmas lights. Since then, our Christmas Lights Project has grown year on year, first with more lights being added to Woodend Road, extending into Lower Stone Close and then onto Church Road, and eventually round to Zion Church and to all of the wonderful Christmas lights which can be seen in the village today!

When we started the Christmas Lights project, we also hoped to encourage householders to put up Christmas lights in their homes and windows, as back in 2015 very few houses were decorated. Today, many houses are lit up and decorated for Christmas, helping to boost the seasonal spirit and community feel in the village!

These Christmas Lights in the village are purchased and organised by Frampton Cotterell Parish Council. We pay South Gloucestershire Council to put the lights up, as the lamp posts onto which the lights are attached are South Gloucestershire Council property. South Gloucestershire Council are also in control of turning the lights on, although the Parish Council advises on when we’d like them to be lit up!

Do you have any photos of the Christmas Lights in the village? We’d love for you to share them!

The Parish Council hopes that the village enjoys these Christmas Lights. We’d love feedback from our parishioners on the lights, so please get in touch via our Facebook page, by email at, by calling us on 01454 864442, or by popping into the Brockeridge Centre during our opening hours to have a chat.