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I moved into the area at the end of 2020 and very quickly gathered there was a great sense of community spirit and wellbeing towards the area in which we cohabitate. I found this a new experience and one in which I believe is now quite rare. The area is very blessed with such beautiful green spaces and nature right on our doorsteps and I would like the parish to continue to protect what we have whilst helping it to thrive. With the above in consideration, it is also important to understand the needs of the parishioners with regards to the development of the area and local amenities whilst still maintaining the character and natural beauty of our surroundings. There are also many parks and recreational spaces for all to enjoy, and I think it is really important they remain well kept, maintained and improved as required. I would like to be part of maintaining and encouraging this sense of community and care for the area in which we live, to ensure it remains a desirable and well sought after place to live.

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Address: 1 Park Leaze, Coalpit Heath  BS36 2UE


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