COVID-19 Updates and Information – February 2022

Living With COVID

The government has announced the end of Plan B, and the start of the Living With COVID Plan. This plan entails the removal of all remaining legal coronavirus restrictions. 

For more information on the Living With COVID plan, please see the official government guidance page, COVID-19 Response: Living With COVID-19.

Covid-19 Updates and Information – December 2021

Plan B

The government has announced that England will move to Plan B in response to the risks of the Omicron COVID-19 variant.

This means:

  • From 10 December, you must wear a face covering in most indoor settings unless you are exempt.
  • From 13 December, you should work from home if you can.
  • From 15 December, you will need to show your NHS COVID Pass in places where large crowds gather, like nightclubs and large stadiums. An NHS COVID Pass is proof of a negative test or full vaccination via the NHS App.

NHS Plan B poster containing the same information about Plan B as in the text above.


Find out more at

Covid-19 Updates and Information – July 2021

Coronavirus remains a serious health risk. You should stay cautious to help protect yourself and others.

  • Meet outside, or open windows and doors for indoor visitors
  • If you think you have symptoms stay at home and take a PCR test
  • Wear face coverings in crowded places and on public transport
  • Check in to venues when you go out
  • Wash your hands with soap regularly, and for at least 20 seconds
  • Get vaccinated if you’re 18 or over

You will all no doubt be very aware of the current situation relating to the COVID-19 and that infection levels are high in our area. As the situation is changing so rapidly, it is advised that you visit and the NHS website for updates.

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council’s Response

The Parish Council are pleased to be able to reopen facilities as restrictions are lifted:

  1. The Brockeridge Centre on Woodend Road and the Pavilion at The Park have reopened in line with Government guidance
  2. Council meetings are now able to take place in person, details of all meetings can be found on the website.
  3. Open spaces, including The Park Playing Fields, allotments and the Centenary Field are all open. 
  4. Youth club has now restarted and are keen to involve more young people in our area.

Frampton Cotterell and Coalpit Heath: Covid-19 Community Support

A group of District & Parish Councillors, residents, and voluntary workers have come together to set up the Frampton Cotterell / Coalpit Heath COVID-19 Community Support group.

The aim of the group is to provide community-based support to residents in need in the Parishes of Frampton Cotterell and Coalpit Heath.

They may be able to support with:
-Phone conversations for company
-General essential tasks.

The group already has in excess of 200 volunteers ready to support anyone in need. You may have already received a leaflet through your letter box with details of how to contact their local volunteer should you require support.

You can find more about the group on Facebook at Frampton Cotterell and Coalpit Heath: Covid-19 Community Support. Alternatively you can contact the community group by email on

Avon & Somerset Police

We have been given the information below from Avon & Somerset Police:

The police have stopped all Beat Surgeries and external forums, we are still conducting hi-visibility patrols, we have reduced the number of stations we have open and would encourage members of the public to contact us by email when it isn’t urgent. There is obviously a demand on us for clarity around certain things being implemented and again would encourage people to refer to the Government websites and NHS websites rather than us.

For the most up-to-date information please refer to the Avon & Somerset Police website

Further Sources of Information

Mental Health Support

Covid-19 is a challenging time for everyone, which is why it’s so important for us to look after our mental health as well as our physical health at this time.

We have lots of advice and tips on how to maintain your mental wellbeing during this difficult time online, visit

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to someone to find out what support is available, call 0333 577 4666 available from 11am-7pm Monday to Friday, 12pm-6pm Saturday and Sunday or email

Mental Health Support Guide – rehab4addiction

For advice on better mental health during the coronavirus outbreak, please read the below guide for help and advice:

Coronavirus: Guidance for Better Mental Health


The allotments at Jubilee and Mill Lane remained open as per guidelines from the National Allotment Association. Please stick to government guidelines when visiting your allotment and remain considerate of others, cleaning gates after use and please do not wash your hands in allotment water troughs.

South Gloucestershire Council

Visit the South Gloucestershire Council Website and Facebook page for changes to services.

Local Businesses

Many local businesses face a difficult time ahead with uncertain futures. Many businesses have been modified to adapt to the current situation. We recommend you check with your local eatery/businesses to see if they are offering take away or alternative services. If you wish for your business services to be listed on this page, please contact us on

For business support during this time, please visit the Government Business Support website.

Community groups

Frampton Cotterell is lucky to have a very proactive community. To keep up to date with local information and potential activities that fit in with COVID-19 guidelines, follow the new COVID-19 Community Response Group, Village Action and Frampton Community Projects on Facebook.

The Countryside Alliance

The Countryside Alliance has created a hub for COVID-19 information and has sections dedicated to communities. Visit the Countryside Alliance Website for further information.

Cyber security

There have been reports of an increase in cyber crime amidst the CORVID-19 outbreak. Check out the cyber security quick tips PDF for ideas to prevent becoming a victim of cyber crime.

Citizens Advice

For up to date information on the COVID-19 situation and what it means for you, visit the Citizens Advice website:

You can also contact the Citizens Advice national helpline: 03444-111444


With such a strange situation and major changes to peoples lives, many of you may be facing difficult times. Please visit the Samaritans website for help and support:

You can also call direct on the Samaritans national helpline: 116 123 (day or night, 365 days per year)