Centenary Field – Scouts Tree Planting

tree planting at centenary fields with a map of tree location. Trees will be located near the church road entranceThe Parish Council and the Scouts have teamed up to plant a new woodland at Centenary Fields!

The Council have recently started a new management plan for the Centenary Fields to protect and enhance nature. To take this even further, a new native woodland will be planted on the 20th and 21st November by the Frampton Cotterell Scouts.

The Scouts will be planting over 300 trees to create a new woodland for the Queen’s Canopy in celebration of the Jubilee. A pallet bug hotel will also be made by the scouts to help our pollinators.

Get involved! Anyone can sign up to help plant the trees, simply head to the Scouts Tree Planting page to sign up or contact Matt on

We want to know where else you would like trees planted in the village – fill out our tree planting survey to let us know.