August Animals

We have had a few fantastic wildlife sightings sent in to us over the last month!

Firstly, frogs are still hopping around the gardens in the village, such as this example sent in by David Goodwin. You can tell the difference between frogs and toads by their skin: toads are bumpy and warty whereas frogs are smooth. You can read more about the difference between the two on the Froglife Website. 

frog in garden
Image 1: Frog taken by David Goodwin (c).

Next up there have been sightings of grey wagtails and flycatchers on the River Frome. These beautiful photos were taken by Julian Selman. You can learn more about these birds on the RSPB website: Grey Wagtail Information RSPB and Flycatcher information RSPB. 

spotted flycatcher
Image 2: Flycatcher, image by Julian Selman (c).
grey wagtail
Image 3: Grey Wagtail on Frome. Image by Julian Selman (c).

Last but certainly not least, Phil Handy has sent in a rare find: a little egret on the Frome. Egrets are part of the same family as storks and herons and have a characteristic white body with black legs and beak. The little egret is usually found as a coastal bird, so it is very interesting to see they are being spotted around Frampton Cotterell. Read more about the elegant egrets on the Wildlife Trust Website. 

little egret
Image 4: Litte egret on the Frome. Image by Phil Handy (c).

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