Conservation at The Park. Neighbouring Residents Discussion Meeting. 6PM, June 22nd, at The Park.

The Park Conservation – Neighbouring Residents Meeting

To our parishioners,

The Parish Council are looking into starting a new conservation management plan for The Park (Crossbow) to begin in April 2023.

We would like neighbouring residents to be involved in these plans.

We would therefore like to invite our parishioners who live in the area near The Park to join us for a site meeting. We will meet at The Park car park at 6pm on 22nd June. The visit will involve a walk around The Park whilst discussing the conservation enhancement proposals the Parish Council have received from a local ecologist.

Local sports clubs have also been invited.

It is important to the Parish Council that neighbouring residents are involved in this early stage of the conservation plan. If you’ve any questions or concerns, leave a comment below or email and we’ll get back to you.