The Park Conservation Contract – Open For Quotation

UPDATE 08/08/2023

This contract is now CLOSED.

Park Conservation Contract

The Park Conservation contract is now open for quotation.

Reference: The Park Conservation Contract
Location: The Park, School Road, Frampton Cotterell
Description: The margins around the playing fields shall be managed for wildlife. This involves leaving areas to grow long, mowing pathways, hedge and nettle maintenance. The full programme of works for contractors can be found in the Contractor Tasks table section of the Park Conservation Plan. Please note that some aspects of work will be carried out by volunteers. Contractors should only quote for the Contractors tasks section from page 12-14 for YEAR ONE only in the first instance. Full details can be found in the documents below:

Specification of Works

The Park Conservation Plan

Please return quotations to Daisy Finniear (Climate & Nature Officer) via