SGC Waste and Resource Strategy 2020 – have your say!

Resource and Waste Strategy 2020 – draft


South Gloucestershire Council are planning to take vital steps in reducing waste and improving recycling in 2020. You can read their draft Waste Strategy Report here.

They would love to hear your views on waste and resources and would greatly appreciate your input. If you could spare a few minutes, please fill out this online questionnaire to voice your ideas on what is most important in relation to local resources and waste management.



One thought on “SGC Waste and Resource Strategy 2020 – have your say!

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    stephen Newell (rev)

    very good to see the council clearly making strides to try and reduce waste and their environmental footprint.

    I didn’t see much in the plan about working with local civic partners… ie we are part of a Plastic Free Frampton initiative. also I’m hoping to establish a repair cafe… it would be great to work with the council on these initiatives, as we already cooperate with the Parish council

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