Otter Sighting

An otter was spotted crossing the road near Ram Hill in Coalpit Heath.

Otters are making a comeback in England and it is really exciting to hear that they are present in our local area.

The Frome Valley River is being used by otters to get from place to place. Keep and eye out for signs of otters if you are taking a walk by the river.The easiest way to identify signs of otter is through their scat (aka, poo!). Their scat is black in colour and usually has visible small bones in it from the fish and small animals they have eaten. If you are brave enough to get up close an personal, you can also ID otter scat from the smell – it actually has a mild musky smell that some say smells of jasmine tea!

If you see any otters or signs of them, please get in touch so we can share it on Nature Notes!

Email: with your sightings.

4 thoughts on “Otter Sighting

  1. I’ve seen them many times at a Snuff Mills and Bromley Heath.
    I’ve found a couple of their holts on the Frome.
    The family at Snuff Mills has been there for years
    and aren’t bothered by torch light and you can watch
    the young frolicking with their mother yards away. I’ve
    seen them feeding in the field once when the river is in flood.
    They’ve been here for 5 or 6 years now.

    1. Avatar for Council Administrator

      Council Administrator

      Hi Che,

      Thank you so much for sharing this information with us.
      It’s lovely to hear that otter populations are recovering
      and becoming more commonly sighted. I am yet to see one for
      myself, but I regularly monitor the Frome near my house in
      hope. Do let us know if you spot any more otters and consider
      contacting Greater Bristol Otter Group with your sightings.

      Daisy (Project Officer).

  2. We regulary have otters coming through our garden. We live on rectory road and have
    a large pond in the front garde that feeds into the river frome at the bottom of the road.

    1. Avatar for Council Administrator

      Council Administrator

      Hi Vicky – That is brilliant to hear that you have otters visiting you regularly! Do let us know if you
      manage to snap any photos of them. Also, feel free to let Greater Bristol Otter Group know about the
      otters near you so they can continue to map their distribution and activity.

      Daisy (Project Officer).

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