PUBLIC NOTICE - Major Maintenance Works - Yare Road, Iron Acton

Notice for Major Maintenance Works on Yate Road, Iron Acton

South Gloucestershire Council have issued a notice letter informing local residents of major maintenance works which will be carried out on Yate Road, Iron Acton, beginning August 15th 2022.

South Gloucestershire Council have advised that,

The works will involve the planing off of the existing surface of the carriageway and the laying of a new surface. The work will start at 8.00pm and remain in place until approximately 6.00am. These works will create a significant amount of noise.

For the duration of the works, the roads will be closed and all traffic will be diverted around the area whilst the closures are in place. We will make every effort to ensure that access to properties and amenities fronting the site and whose only access is from the closed road, is kept available and the disruption to local residents is kept to a minimum. However, there may be periods of time when access to properties by vehicle will be unachievable, and for this, we apologise. Please note that adverse weather conditions or plant / delivery problems may affect these times and dates.

South Gloucestershire Council have also requested that residents ensure that this area of road is kept clear of vehicles during the period that the works are being carried out, and that any vehicles on the road obstructing the works may be removed.

Please read the full notice letter from South Gloucestershire Council for the complete details of the dates, times, and types of work to be carried, including a map of the areas of the road which will be effected.