Frampton Cotterell Parish Council. Local Elections 2023: Important Information on becoming a councillor.

Local Elections 2023 – Important Information on Becoming a Councillor


District, town, and parish council elections are held once every four years, in May. During these election periods, all council seats are up for election. The next elections are scheduled for Thursday the 4th of May, 2023.

Become a Parish Councillor

Nomination submissions to become a parish councillor are now open. If you are interested in standing for election as a parish councillor, you must submit your nomination form before 4pm on the 4th of April 2023. Paper copies of the nomination form can be collected from the Returning Officer at the address: Rooms 12/13, Council Offices, Badminton Road, Yate, South Gloucestershire, BS37 5AF between 9:30am and 4pm on working days.

For guidance and information on standing for election as a parish councillor, please visit the Electoral Commission’s page on standing for election as a parish councillor.

Becoming a parish councillor is a rewarding and meaningful way to both give back to and help shape your local community. Parish councillors have the opportunity to make a real difference, whether by supporting your fellow residents with existing issues, or by bringing fresh new ideas for improvement. Parish councillors can represent local people’s views on a broad spectrum of important local issues, from addressing the climate emergency to feeding back on planning applications to ensuring that our open spaces and public areas work for what local people need.

If you’d like to have a chat with a present councillor or with the parish council clerk to find out more, get in touch!

Legal Notices of Election

Please read the legal notices, below, regarding the election of parish and district councillors. We also have accessible PDF copies of these documents: the Election of Parish Councillors, and the Election of District Councillors.

These tables detail which areas are to be elected and how many Councillors will be elected to each ward, for Parish Councils (locally this is Central, East, and West Frampton Cotterell), and South Gloucestershire District Council.

Notice of Election – Election of Parish Councillors

A table outlining the number of councillors to be elected within each parish. The Central Ward of Frampton Cotterell has five councillors, the East Ward of Frampton Cotterell has five councillors, and the West Ward of Frampton Cotterell has five councillors.

Notice of Election – Election of District Councillors

A notice of election for South Gloucestershire District Council, showing how many councillors are to be elected for each ward. The ward of Frampton Cotterell has three Councillors to be elected to South Gloucestershire District Council.

Voter ID

Please remember that since the Elections Act 2022, valid identification is now required in order to vote. You can find out more about valid forms of Voter ID on the Electoral Commissions website. If you do not have any of the required forms of identification, you can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate.

A blue post it note on a pink background. Text reads "Bring photo ID to vote"

Further Information

For more information on local elections, please visit South Gloucestershire Council’s webpage for Local Elections 2023.