Reporting anti-social behaviour

How To Report Anti-Social Behaviour

Have you been a witness to or a victim of anti-social behaviour in our village or the surrounding areas? Are you unsure who you should contact, or how you should contact them? Do you need support in understanding what steps to take next?

We’re here to help!

This quick guide will help you to figure out whom you should contact, the best way to contact them, and where you can go to find out more information about anti-social behaviour.

What Is Anti-Social Behaviour?

The Metropolitan Police Department’s website neatly defines anti-social behaviour as any actions or activities which fall under the following categories:

  • Personal antisocial behaviour: when a person targets a specific individual or group.
  • Nuisance antisocial behaviour: when a person causes trouble, annoyance or suffering to a community.
  • Environmental antisocial behaviour: when a person’s actions affect the wider environment, such as public spaces or buildings.

There are different routes for dealing with different types of anti-social behaviour. In Frampton Cotterell and the surrounding areas, the two main recourses for reporting anti-social behaviours are to report to either South Gloucestershire Council, or to the local police department.

This guide will help you figure out to whom you should make your report.

South Gloucestershire Council

You can report the following types of anti-social behaviour to South Gloucestershire Council:

  • graffiti
  • tension monitoring
  • CCTV
  • fly grazing
  • neighbour disputes (if one or both parties are in private housing)
  • intimidation
  • modern slavery
  • harassment
  • threatening behaviour
  • hate crime

To report an incident of anti-social behaviour to South Gloucestershire Council, telephone them on 01454 868582, or fill out an Anti-Social Behaviour Form on South Gloucestershire Council’s website. 

This website also contains further information on anti-social behaviour, and how you can get further help and support.

When reporting an incident, South Glos. Council asks that you make sure to include key details such as what happened, where it happened, when it happened, who was involved, and how the incident made you feel.

South Gloucestershire Council’s Environmental Protection Team

South Gloucestershire Council can also help with anti-social behaviours such as fly-tipping, public urination, and issues pertaining to air pollution. To report one of these problems, please contact their Environmental Protection Team via email at or by telephone on 01454 868001.

Reporting Other Issues to South Glos. Council

Can’t see the problem you want to report on the anti-social behaviour reporting page? Take a look at our “Report It!” page, where we list and link to the other report forms for South Gloucestershire Council. You might just find the help you need there!

The Police

There are certain types of anti-social behaviours which South Gloucestershire Council cannot deal with. These must be reported to the local police department.

Examples of anti-social behaviours which should be reported to the police include:

  • abandoned vehicles
  • anti-social driving
  • arson
  • assault
  • begging
  • breach of anti-social behaviour interventions
  • criminal damage
  • drug taking or dealing
  • drunken behaviour
  • fireworks
  • fly-tipping
  • graffiti to private property
  • harassment
  • hate crimes
  • illegal use of a public right of way
  • littering
  • noise complaints
  • prostitution and kerb-crawling
  • public disorder
  • stalking
  • underage drinking
  • vandalism

You can report these types of anti-social behaviours, as well as other crimes, to Avon & Somerset Police Department (of which Frampton Cotterell & Charfield Police Department is our local team). This can be done by filling out the appropriate crime report form or by telephoning 101.

What’s Not Anti-Social Behaviour?

Still not sure whether an issue you are facing falls under the category of an anti-social behaviour?

Here’s a quick list of behaviours which are not considered anti-social under law:

  • Poorly  parked vehicles
  • Being unable to park outside your home
  • Noise from every day living, such as walking up stairs, flushing toilets, children playing, or neighbours carrying out DIY projects (at a reasonable hour)
  • Children playing in communal areas or in the street
  • Groups of people in public areas (provided they are not committing crimes, causing damage, or being rowdy and/or abusive)
  • Occasional parties
  • Religious or cultural practices
  • Boundary disputes
  • Family disputes

Find Out More

Here’s a list of helpful websites and resources where you can learn more about anti-social behaviour, the law, and your rights, as well as find support, guidance, and advice in dealing with issues related to anti-social behaviour: