three photographs of the new refill station against a bright turquoise background. In the spaces between the three photos are the words REFILL STATION with water droplets falling off them. There are five cartoon images of different types of reusable water bottles. Along the bottom is the Refill logo and the Do Your Part Save Our Planet Frampton Cotterell parish council logo.

New Water Refill Station at The Brockeridge Centre

We now have a brand new, free to use Water Refill Station at the Brockeridge Centre!

With 24/7 access, you can fill up your reusable water bottle any time you like whilst out and about in Frampton Cotterell.

Do your part to save our planet by cutting down on single use plastics, and join the Refill Revolution today!

Many thanks to Harrison at HGM Plumbing Services for the fantastic job in installing this new fountain. Thank you, Harrison!

You can find this water fountain, and other refill stations in the local area, on the official Refill app.

Take a look at the photos of our fantastic new water fountain, below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

A photograph of the new water founatain. The fountain is dark green and is mounted on a black pole in front of a light, natural brick wall. Text above and below reads FIND ME AT THE BROCKERIDGE CENTRE. A logo to the left says "Do Your Part, Save Our Planet" and shows a semicircle of the earth above a black rectangle with the text Frampton Cotterell Parish Council. To the left is the Refill logo, a mid-blue water droplet with the word Refill in calligraphic font inside.

A close up photograph of the water fountain. A bright blue reusable Chilly's bottle with the Frampton Cotterell Parish Council logo on it is being filled up with clear water from the fountain. In the lower left is the Do Your Part Save Our Planet Frampton Cotterell Parish Council logo, and in the lower left is the Refill logo. In the upper right hand corner is the word NEW surrounded by water splashes.