martin and his tree, planted at centenary fields

New Oak Tree at Centenary Fields

Frampton Cotterell resident, Martin (pictured), has kindly donated his 8 year old oak tree to the Parish Council. The tree was collected and planted today (14th December 2021) in the Centenary Fields. A big thank you to Martin for helping us make Frampton greener.

martin and his tree, planted at centenary fields
Left: Martin with his oak tree. Right: oak tree shortly after being planted.

We thought there would be no better place for the tree than amongst the new woodland planted by Frampton Cotterell Scouts in November. Look out for the oak tree on your next walk! It’s bigger than all the newly planted trees and has distinct oak leaves. The tree will now have room to grow long, strong roots. In 4o years time, we hope it will be strong, tall and provide habitats for birds, bats, fungi and insects.

If, like Martin, you would like to get involved with tree planting across the village, let us know! We are working on a tree planting scheme for the next planting season and will need all hands on deck. Contact or call 01454 864442.