Frampton Cotterell Parish Council. New Gate at Mill Lane Allotments. Two photographs to the left of the text, one above the over. The top photograph shows a close up of part of an old wooden gate set in a drystone wall – most of the gate (and most of the photo!) is covered up by overgrown nettles. The word “BEFORE” is written in bold red font over the image. The bottom photograph shows a close up of the top of a black metal gate set in the same drystone wall. The word “AFTER” is written in bold bright green font over the image.

New Gate at Mill Lane Allotments

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council is happy to announce the installation of a new gate at the Mill Lane Allotments.

Our Maintenance Officer was able to clear the overgrown nettles covering the path and blocking the gate, and to remove the old and worn-out wooden gate which had previously been in place. This gate has now been replaced with a much-improved metal gate.

We hope that this new gate and cleared pathway will benefit our local community.  You can see our Before and After photos in the gallery below.

One of our parishioners, Andrew, said: “The gate is already in use, once it was pointed out to several tenants, and will no doubt prove to be a boon and encourage people to walk rather than drive.”

We hope so, Andrew!

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council would like to thank Drew’s Yard, who very kindly donated the new gate.