Queen Elizabeth II. 1926 - 2022. White text on a black background. To the left, in white, is the royal coat of arms.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – Our Statement of Condolence

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. An elderly lady with short, curled, white hair. She wears a crown, and a royal sash in blue, a white dress, and a necklace. Her posture and expression are regal and serene.

With sadness Frampton Cotterell Parish Council marks the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her passing brings to an end an era and a reign that spanned seven remarkable decades of unparalleled change. The late Queen came to the throne in the shadows of a world war and at a time when food was still rationed; her reign finishes in the wake of a global pandemic as we face, once more, the threat of financial hardship. Through the vicissitudes of life, through war and peace, through times of prosperity and privation, Her Majesty has been an unshakeable source of continuity and comfort to her people. In the days and weeks to come, as we reflect upon Queen Elizabeth’s enduring public service, the parish council will join with countless others to offer our profound gratitude for an exemplary life tirelessly dedicated to the service of others.

The thoughts of the parish council are also with the members of Queen Elizabeth’s family at this time. For behind the symbol, the tradition and the ceremony, there lay the person striving to fulfil a constitutional role thrust upon her by events rather than by choice. Whatever our memories of the public figure are they will pale in significance to the memories of a beloved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Their loss is a familiar loss; all who have experienced such painful partings can empathise with their deep sorrow at this time. The parish council hopes the royal family can find solace in the innumerable stories of those that she met during her long reign. Those meetings may have been fleeting but they were invariably cherished and seldom forgotten. The Crown may be unfeeling; the person who upheld its burden most certainly was not.

When the late Queen addressed the nation, during the recent pandemic, her words spoke to the hearts of all those who experienced sacrifice and bitter loss. She said, “We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return: we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again”. Those words resonate with an added significance today. The country has a new King and a new chapter in the life of our nation has begun. Whatever the years to come may hold it is as a community, as friends and as family, that we will meet those challenges as we have always done.

The length of Queen Elizabeth’s reign will not be matched in our lifetime. Most now living, in this country and across the Commonwealth, have known no other sovereign. The new dawn is thus, for many, unlike any that have come before. It is a time for reflection and for thanks but it is also a time for hope and new beginnings. “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven”.

The Queen is dead. God save the King.

Book of Condolence and Floral Tributes

A book of condolences for the Royal Family in honour of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II will be available at the Brockeridge Centre for the use of all Frampton Cotterell parishioners. This book of condolence will be preserved by the Parish Council for future generations.

You may also sign the online book of condolence on the Royal Family’s website, and South Gloucestershire Council’s online book of condolence. Books of condolence will also be made available in local churches by the Fromeside Benefice of Churches.

Space will also be provided at the Brockeridge Centre for parishioners to lay memorial floral tributes and cards.

Special Services

The Fromeside Benefice of Churches will be holding special services for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the following dates and times:

Monday 12th September, 8:30am – St. Saviours Church, Coalpit Heath
Tuesday 13th September, 10am – All Saints Church, Winterbourne Down
Wednesday 14th September, 10am – St. James the Less, Iron Acton
Thursday 15th September, 10:30am – St. Michael’s Rooms, Winterbourne High Street
Friday 16th September, 9:15am – St. Peter’s Church, Frampton Cotterell