Fox enjoying a spot of sun in a local garden.
Fox enjoying a spot of sun. Photo by Phil Handy.

A healthy fox has been pictured relaxing in the sun in a residents garden.

Phil Handy, who spotted the fox, said ” Foxes frequently visit our garden in the heart of the village, usually as visitors just passing through. This one decided to enjoy the rare winter sun and stopped for a bit of sunbathing! “

Fox cuddled by the hedge. Photo by Phil Handy.

It is lovely to see foxes enjoying the gardens across Frampton. Often, less is more when it comes to wildlife gardening. Why not let nature take over a little in parts of your garden? You may be surprised at the creatures that come to visit!

For more tips on encouraging wildlife into your garden, you can take a look at the Wildlife Trusts Gardening Guide.

Healthy fox poking his tongue out at the camera!
Healthy fox poking his tongue out at the camera! Photo by Phil Handy.

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